“Dear Julian, Thank you again for the splendid speech last Friday. It went perfectly from ‘take off’ to ‘landing’! I look forward to seeing you more frequently.” Lord Porter, Nobel Prize recipient, President of the Royal Society, Director of the Royal Institute.

“In hosting over 20 luncheons each year, Santa Barbara’s Channel City Club has presented a range of nationally and internationally celebrated speakers. But few if any have equaled the heights that the guest speaker at their recent Annual Luncheon, Julian Nott, has attained.” Santa Barbara NewsPress

“Julian – rave reviews continue to come in from your presentation at the Channel City Club yesterday! Standing ovations are rare with our group, so you can tell by the one you received, how thrilled everyone was to have had the special opportunity to meet you and hear about your extraordinary life’s accomplishments and scientific passion!” Judith Hill, CEO Santa Barbara Channel City Club

“Thank you so much for your wonderfully enjoyable and entertaining public lecture at the KITP last evening. It is always a pleasure to learn so much about a topic while thoroughly enjoying the presentation. Your accomplishments are impressive.” David Gross, winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Physics and Director of KITP (Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of California Santa Barbara)

“Thank you for speaking at our event, everyone so enjoyed your remarks. The Chief of the Santa Barbara Fire department mentioned that he and everyone on his staff were marveling at your presentation. He was actually quoting from what you had said – so well done!!!” Maria Long, Executive Director, Doctors Without Walls


Intellectual Courage

Nott was an experienced, entertaining and inspiring lecturer. Based in Southern California, he traveled the world to address general and business audiences, scientific specialists and aeronautic enthusiast. Be it a corporation’s sales force, a local ballooning club or an impressive gathering of world renowned scientific professionals, Nott customized lectures with thought provoking messages to suit most any audience.

Nott’s illustrated lectures covered his extraordinary achievements and world breaking record flights. He discussed his work with Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and their plans to use balloons in planetary exploration.  He described his involvement with Google’s Project Loon a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural areas.  And the future of near space travel as a senior advisor to World View, voyages in high altitude balloons.  He presented the fascinating history of 220 years of balloons and their applications today.  Nott developed a theory he coined Intellectual Courage and suggested ballooning was a microcosm of the history of science and technology.  He theorized that there are lessons of intellectual courage to be learned, central to all major human advances, and particularly to scientists and the business community.  Nott believed that this was a key to unlocking some of the reasons why we are able to accomplish great feats vs. failure. 

Julian Nott was represented for speaking engagements and personal appearances by Big Speak.